ServiceLink is the nation’s leading provider of integrated data, servicing, and technology solutions to mortgage lenders, along with providing end to end support for origination, automated title and settlement, processing default valuation, risk management, tax, flood, and collateral protection services. ServiceLink is able to seamlessly transition that same support to property owners and managers with the Tenant Flood product. With the largest network of providers, and most significant mortgage related data store, ServiceLink is best positioned to provide its customers with a comprehensive value and service oriented solution to its overall business objectives.

As the industry leader in technology and service, ServiceLink Flood (SLF) is uniquely positioned to meet its customer’s flood compliance and tracking needs across all business lines, including Tenant Flood. SLF is able to offer our partners a full suite of services, including quality Flood Zone Determinations, CertMap; our value-add exhibit, extensive reporting, customized delivery solutions including private label, audit and acquisition services and specialized training and support.

ServiceLink is a charter member of the flood certification industry’s trade organization, the National Flood Association (NFA). Additionally, ServiceLink is an NFA “certified” vendor. The NFA helps monitor flood compliance issues affecting lenders and has developed a Certification Program that requires “certified” flood vendors to meet standards in terms of accuracy, quality control, disaster recovery, and financial viability.

SLF maintains the highest level of data security available in the industry including encryption of data at rest, end to end encryption between partners, annual third party penetration testing, and daily vulnerability scans.

Several states have legislation that require, for every lease or rental agreement for residential property, the owner or person offering the property for rent disclose to the perspective tenant specified information relating to the risk of flooding. ServiceLink is uniquely positioned to provide this information in the Tenant Flood Report. Leveraging our experience in providing Flood Hazard Determinations to the Mortgage and Insurance industries since 1988, ServiceLink is able to satisfy legislative requirements nationwide.